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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Just 3 weeks later

And another 80km (50 miles old money), only this time all in one day.  (see hooves from one year ago and 3 weeks ago here.  And post the one day 80km ride the hooves look like this:

LFSR post Rufus 50m 2011

LHSR post Rufus 50m 2011

RFSR - post Rufus 50m 2011

RHSR - post Rufus 50m 2011

Ride conditions were wet and muddy. For those who worry about slipping/traction and the need for studs. This horse had minor slips, unlike the shod horse they rode with who slid down one bank on its bottom.

I think the effort that the owner has put into preparing this horse is really paying off. Confident on her feet, the work over varied terrain to build the hooves has also conditioned her body - both body and hooves look great, good structure and strength.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Seedy toe, abscess and 'false' sole ...........

Do you remember the somewhat spectacular toe crack? Well the path to hoof heaven is never a straight one and living in the UK makes it exceptionally wet and muddy too.

Mud and seedy toe can lead to abscess and so it did in this case.  But every cloud has a silver lining .........

The foot abscessed during the very wet muddy spell we had mid winter and we were dealing with the consequences.  The foot had gone somewhat backwards.  The last 3 photos in this array are June 2011, the rest are May 2011.

And the warmest of thanks to the owner for letting me share these photos.

Oh and yes, the horse is sound and apparently rather 'forward going' - not bad for a girl in her 20's! :-)

Long toe scooting forwards

Toe crack has extended

NB semi circular solar split just
above frog apex
'False' sole lifted from solar toe area

Cleaned back to bars

Note wall height now 'false' sole exfoliated. New sole is hard

Oblique view of partial clean

Cleaned and rolled

06 11 - Side view compare with 1st photo. 
Note abscess hole

06 11 - Front view post trim, note reduction in toe crack,
compare with photo 2

06 11 - Solar view post trim

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