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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Thrush - Portia's Potion

For those of you who like to get really sticky this is quite an effective gloop for your equine friend's feet*.

By volume -

1/3 Manuka Honey 10+ (don't cheap out on this) most larger supermarkets stock this
2/3 Zinc and Castor Oil Cream - £2.05 for 250 ml from Boots The Chemist.

Don't try mixing the honey with Sudocrem instead of the Zinc and Castor Oil.

Because it CURDLES big time and you end up with a cottage cheese and honey mess.

Great for thrushy feet.  Not too bad for your hands - but you might just stick to the steering wheel on the drive home from the yard (barn).

Secondary entertainment value - quite fun to follow the trail of hoof prints left by equine pal and marvel at how pretty they are :-)

*Remember if in doubt get expert help and/or ask your vet before using.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Spreading the Love :-) ... Think Global - Act Local

A wardrobe full of catchphrases one of which is 'spreading the love' which is how he describes my tootling round the South East of England facilitating people in their efforts to achieve healthy, happy and sound barefoot performance horses.

Or maybe he is just referring to the Snogmeister who has now (cross fingers) found a new barefooting home.

Anyway back to 'Thinking Global'.  Got this in my inbox - made me smile all day - thank you!

"i am a caretaker of a throughbreed for the last two years this past summer he threw six shoes in five weeks his feet went from poor to horrible ! i found your web site and did alot of resarch and found [name of trimmer] **** came in auguest and removed orion shoes his feet were vert badley chip and one hoof side wall was blown out terrible frogs low hells well its been five months and his feet are just so improved we do lots of trail riding and he does not stumble and he does not go toe first he is so much happyier and movies great. i wish i took picks but you were right on that throughbreeds can go barefoot ! we live in mass. usa thanks ***** and orion"

Note names have been replaced with **** for confidentiality purposes

So it would seem that the myth that TB's can't go barefoot (as we all know) is just that :-)

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