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Sunday, 2 November 2008


Little bit of this, little bit of that. Isn't that how many horse owners feed? I know I used to, still do, but not quite so much.

We are moving onto a 'self-service' system. The horses will have access to a variety of block supplements which they can help themselves to as they wish.

Some people favour feeding the same type of 'freeserve' supplements, but in a loose form in some type of lidded feeder with holes. I have decided against any type of bucket or feeder. The two QH, George in particular can be rather klutzy and I have visions of finding them wearing the bucket or worse.

Madam loves licking things, water troughs, gates, trees, you name it, if it stands still it will get the once over. Here she is trying out the Himalayan salt lick. The frisbee originally made a roof to keep it dry, but as you can see, that worked for all of five minutes. Now it helps stop the salt leaching into the wooden post. Probably just as well because Madam eats enough wood as it is.

Oh and in the background you can see George sneaking under the electric fence.

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