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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Heart break but more miracles

We rehabbed and rehomed this mare earlier this year. Super person took her on and everyone was thrilled, not least the mare. Now tragedy and financial difficulties have struck and she has had to be rehomed again. I'm devastated, as is her owner.
Fortunately I know where she has gone and I understand that it will be a home for life. And it is just up the road from my Mum, who as an ex secondary school teacher is a small, perfectly formed, tornado on legs. So this little girl has at least three people keeping tabs on her.
You will notice the huge clipped area on the underside of her neck. Victim of a freak accident, a needle broke off in her leg when she was being injected. We had to whizz her up to Cambridge in the middle of the night for emergency keyhole surgery. The patch was clipped for the intravenous drip and the various monitors she had pre, during and post surgery.

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