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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Contracted heels and the smell of socks

Here are Pickles, the Grey Mare's feet; LF, RF, LH, RH. You can see how awful her frogs are in front. But believe me this is the improved version and they are still a work in progress.
Her heels got very contracted and who can say why, because bar two or three sets of shoes she has always been barefoot. It may have been because my farrier was advised to leave her heels longer, or because her suspensory injuries made it too painful to put her heels down.
She is currently more or less heel first landing, she doesn't have classic thrush, there is no discharge or black goo and no real smell, apart from the faintest whiff of socks. I have tried the usual range of potions, recommended and otherwise. To date we seem to be making the best progress with an OTC athletes foot spray. Certainly in the past 5 days that I have been using it there has been a noticeable firming up and improvement in consistency of the frogs and the deep crevices seem to be filling in rather than eroding. I will continue to take photos and if I get any really good ones I will post them for comparison.

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