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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Livery yards and barefoot

Humph. Am coming to conclusion that keeping a barefoot horse on a DIY yard is much easier than in the horse is at full livery. I've never been satisfied with full livery. Virtually all the digestive/condition/happiness issues I ever had with a horse have been at full livery.

It always seems that owners instructions are optional. As is good basic horsemanship.

If you are at a great full livery yard that can keep its staff, that sticks to instructions and puts the horses first you are very very lucky.

The reason this conclusion has reared its ugly head today? Well I horse I know and love which is desperately metabolic is constantly having its short and long term health compromised by the 'interesting' happenings at its full livery yard. Not fair, not right and not what its very dedicated owner is paying for. :-( Sorry rant over. Its been a long, not so good, day.


Union Square said...

I grew up boarding, and managed at several luxury boarding stables here in the U.S.

Even when a manager at the last stable, the moment we'd saved enough to buy our own little acreage, I walked the fencelines, made sure the hose to the water trough worked, and moved my mare to my own property. I will never board again. I'll either have my own land, or no horse.

What a nightmare.

Natalie Keller Reinert
Retired Racehorse Blog

Sophie said...

Hi Natalie

I am soooo jealous of you having your own place! Have you put in a PP?

I am pretty sure YM are driven nuts by us barefooters. So much more fussy than shod horses - except we don't moan about mud pulling shoes off :-)

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