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Monday, 7 June 2010

Another look at a deviated hoof

In April we looked at a deviated hoof and how if you trimmed it just by looking at the outside you could end up resecting the hoof (a complete no no).

The hoof in question also had an extensive white line separation in one quarter, and some damage higher up in the same quarter, possibly from where an abcess had errupted from the coronary band.

The damaged hoof wall and white line separation have now 'connected' and the quarter has broken away. I thought you might like to see the extent of the damage - and to know that the horse is still sound. In fact she is increasingly 'perky'.

The pink lines broadly track where the upper portion of hoof wall is indicating it would like to go. We are still in the same position of not being able to remove the 'flare' as it is a deviation and to do so would mean cutting into the live foot.

This hoof is showing evidence of dietary issues, which the owner is seeking to address. Much easier to say than do when keeping a horse at grass in the UK.

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