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Thursday, 17 February 2011

They are my babies too..........

Client asked me the other day if I get attached to the horses I 'do'. 

'Ooh' thought I 'Now there's a highly charged question!'

It's a fine line to tread - 100% putting out for the horse, their welfare, physically and mentally, but still staying removed enough so as not to tread on the carer's toes.

I am not so sure I do that very well.  So apologies to all my clients for when my enthusiasm gets the better of me.

Because you see, I do get attached to the horses.  All of them.  Even the little darlings that kick me every time I so much as look at them.  They are my babies too.

And the hardest part of the job is when you have to walk away. Because you can't trim a horse sound and healthy if there is something else going wrong in their life which can't/won't be fixed.  From inappropriate diet, unnatural living and perhaps the hardest of all (to discuss with carer anyway) riding technique.  And while I could keep pitching up and doing my 'thing'; in my heart and soul I just can't.

But there are huge compensations - I was just thinking back over just the last few months and you know what, without even trying I can think of half a dozen horses that were chronically lame, some written off, which are now sound and working.  And that is in less than a year.

Most of them, with changes in lifestyle and diet come sound in just a couple of months.  Some of them will need boots periodically.  But you know, boots is better than dead.

Yes they are my babies too and I love them all, nearly as much as my own.


Wolfie said...

Of course you get attached! :-) I think having feelings for your horse clients is an important part of what you do. You want what is best for them and they depend on you to help with achieving the best quality of life.

I, personally, wouldn't want a farrier working on my horse unless there was a connection with me and a connection with my horse. In my mind, it ensures that my farrier cares about what he is doing and will do his best for me and for my horse. And, he does. :-)

allaroundhorses said...

I just found your blog. I really appreciate all your photos with your descriptions and case studies!

Anonymous said...

Of course you get attached! And if you really care about what you do, you will be attached. I would never want someone who didn't become attached or care so much working with my horses. That says you're great at what you do.

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