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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Slightly gruesome - don't view if you are squeamish

Shod - hoof wall rasped 'moderately'

Note how foot is running forward, heels are collapsed
and are forward of the back of the foot which is in suspension

Shod solar view note overlaid bars,
position of shoe against frog

Deshod view of above


Cleaned up view of above


Detail of above

Reminder - 'ideal' nail placement -
oriented on water line

Nail on pair of above

Detail of above

Very thin sole

I don't know what killed this horse. I do know it had the most enormous abscess - pus was blowing out through the frog in huge quantities - so I have my suspicions.

I chose this foot for this post, because you see feet like it on every yard. Probably the majority of shod feet I see look something like this.

The hooves are running forward, the heels are collapsed and the sole is thin. In an attempt to reduce the duck bill impersonation the hoof wall gets rasped - further weakening the foot. This leaves little space for the farrier to place the nail and mistakes happen.

My question is - you can see the issues the foot has, you know how to fix them (diet, exercise, natural living as much as possible) - what contribution to foot health did the shoe make for this horse...


Jenny said...

This horse must have been in excruciating pain. And from the looks of his feet... his suffering really started a long time ago. And the sad thing is, being prey animals, a lot of horses will live through HELL before showing signs of severe pain. Poor guy!

Mrs Mom said...

What contribution TO health did the shoe make? Umm.... NONE.

Poor fellow.

Drives me nuts to see sh!t like that. We won't even get into the human mindset down here. The back country Good Ol Boy 'tudes towards horse health in general, training, hoof care etc are enough to make me ill. Sounds like you see a lot of something similar up there.

smazourek said...

I'm with Mrs Mom, that farrier's contribution was less than nothing. It was pure detriment.

I can't makes heads or tails out of the farrier practice of rasping the hoof wall off to get rid of flare. They have to know that doesn't work.

Dom said...


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