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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Saturday, 28 May 2011

And my (old) vet said

LF April 10 - corn, sole thin at toe, weak heels,
spoon shaped
LH April 10
RF April 10
RH April 10 - apologies for poo!
LF - May 11, 5 days post GH, more
concavity, sole thicker, heel bulbs
developed, wider at heel
LH - May 11 5 days post GH
RF - May 11 5 days post GH
RH - May 11, 5 days post GH


........... "Horses can do everything barefoot except Endurance."

The May 11 hooves are 5 days post the Golden Horseshoe.  80km in two days over a stoney moor*.  Although the owner reports it is not as stoney as their regular training ground.  Horse vetted sound with a Silver, missing Gold by one heart beat.  The icing on the cake was the compliments from the vet on the hooves! :-)

Maybe if my original vet were still practicing today he would change his mind?  He was pretty open minded and pragmatic so I like to think so.

* I took this horse on as a client April 10.  Previously always ridden out in boots as always a bit footy.  Diet change and a few modifications to hoof care and what a difference a year makes.  Owner is incredibly dedicated and it wouldn't work without their ability to manage their horse.  Horse lives out 24/7, until recently in regular grass livery.  Now on a grass track.


Funder said...

Bare or booted? Just curious - I've done 25 stoney miles bare without a problem, but I don't know if I'd do it twice in two days. Either way, beautiful feet, congrats to you and the owner and the horse!

Lucy Priory said...

Completely bare - horse's hooves that is.......

And thank you :-) I will pass on your compliments to the owner :-)

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