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Thursday, 15 September 2011

You are what you eat......

'House' reckons 'everybody lies'.  Me I think that is a little harsh, most of the people I meet are decent, honest folk doing their very best. Sometimes in very difficult circumstances. 

But sometimes people tell you what they think you want to hear.  And sometimes they think that a little white lie won't hurt.  Only with horses and their food, it often does. 

Most, if not all of the horses I have been kicked, bitten or otherwise bashed by have been having 'dietary issues'.  Usually sugar - once you have unpicked all the things going on - that is what it boils down to.

Take for example the horse that recently bit my head.  Yes my whole head, crocodile style.  The carer assured me the horse was on a low sugar diet. I accepted that, but I should have trusted the hooves which were not doing very well, and the behaviour which showed clear symptoms of dietary issues.

More about behaviour and sugar in a future post


Barbara said...

Sugar content should be listed on feed tags. Unfortunately, you have to do some research to find it, sometimes a lot of research.

amandap said...

I so agree with you here Lucy. I believe firmly now that if you get diet low in sugar and high forage so horse isn't hungry most irritability just melts away. Of course I only really have experience of my own horses but since I've had them all on soaked hay there have been some dramatic personality changes in a couple. One mare wasn't aggressive to humans but was very dominant in the herd and a bit stressy with 'work' and aloof but is now a very laid back happy bunny who is one of the first to come over and check me out. She still keeps order but in a very low key way.

After rambling I think if horses have supposed behavioural problems that diet should be looked at as one of the first interventions and sugar reduction aggressively carried out.

Lucy Priory said...

Amandap and Barbara - you are both so right :-)

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