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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Friday, 30 December 2011

What did Christmas bring?

Besides dislocating my thumb about 3 times?  Well these (only to nurture, the horse attached is not mine, but he is lovely lovely, lovely.)

Shoes on too long, toe has shot forward, heel collapsing
 and not under leg

Weak heel

Angle incorrect, too long, proportions out

Shelly hoof wall - lacks quality horn and is soft

Long toe, heel forward not under leg, shoe on too long

Thrushy, contracted, skinny weak frog

As above - the stink was really bad

With shoe off this frog was ridiculously
 skinny, full of thrush and really squishy

All horse owners should come to learn that heels like this
are unacceptable

Not one good foot on this horse, but they will be

Currently with sore feet, sore back and a very weak hind end this horse is another which has been dismissed for 'attitude'.

To be honest with feet like that (and the knock on consequences) I think any of us would be quite justified in having 'attitude'. But you know this guy was lovely to deshoe - I didn't get any negative feedback down the leg at all. He just stood there like a proper trooper and within 20 minutes post deshoe went from looking really sad to beaming from ear to ear. (IYKWIM)

His new owner (who got me in to deshoe within days of acquiring him) reports that he has in 24 hours post deshoe started to move better and become much more cuddly.

I'll post updates of his hoof progress as I get them - but so far so good :-)

Post Script - the sad thing is that many horse owners would think that these feet were fine - even good. 


Lisa said...

Good news for that horse!!

I have a friend who has a beautiful arab warmblood gelding she uses for dressage. He really is lovely all over, except his shod feet. They look very similar to this horse, and I am very worried about his long term soundness. She has me trimming her retired horse and is very impressed with the job I am doing (she told me while quite drunk that she is kicking herself for not trusting me enough to come trim him years ago) and I am just going quietly about my business leaving little hints for her so HOPEFULLY she gets the idea in her head that it is his hooves holding him back and threatening his soundness. Wish me luck!

Laura Lee said...

keep up the much appreciated work... here's to a new year of happy horse feet!!

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