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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Thrush - Portia's Potion

For those of you who like to get really sticky this is quite an effective gloop for your equine friend's feet*.

By volume -

1/3 Manuka Honey 10+ (don't cheap out on this) most larger supermarkets stock this
2/3 Zinc and Castor Oil Cream - £2.05 for 250 ml from Boots The Chemist.

Don't try mixing the honey with Sudocrem instead of the Zinc and Castor Oil.

Because it CURDLES big time and you end up with a cottage cheese and honey mess.

Great for thrushy feet.  Not too bad for your hands - but you might just stick to the steering wheel on the drive home from the yard (barn).

Secondary entertainment value - quite fun to follow the trail of hoof prints left by equine pal and marvel at how pretty they are :-)

*Remember if in doubt get expert help and/or ask your vet before using.


Lucy Priory said...

Horsecrazyamerican - re your hoof photos - I'd hazard your horse has thrush. Try this gloop - it is messy but quite good and not likely to do any harm. Just don't let your boy eat it........

lytha said...

Haha, thank you for writing me this in your comments: ) I have no idea if these ingredients are available in Germany. I just committed the faux-pas of ordering honey for my tea at a vegan restaurant and was given agave-syrup. Oops.

The hooves do not stink, I just need to get brave with a knife and take more walks with him, I think.

There may be thrush in the crevices that I cannot see with my eyes.

I'm a wimp when it comes to cutting frog.

Do you know of any good hoofcare providers in my area: NRW, Germany?


Lucy Priory said...

Lytha - don't get brave with your hoof knife. Leave it at home! The raggy taggy bits that you may get can be pulled off with your fingers. The crevices you can't otherwise reach can be cleaned out with a soft small toothbrush or cotton buds.

You need to grow a healthy frog with a decent thick leathery 'skin' or callous over the top to protect it. When you get knife happy or in traditional hoof trimming this gets damaged and lets the bugs in to chomp on the softer frog body. Not a brilliant plan.

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