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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Performance barefoot

We've posted about this pair several times on this blog as we have plotted their journey.  One of the more difficult rehabs.  Not just 'navicular' but also as we discovered later, very sensitive to diet.
Anyway to cut a very long story short - look!

Hunter Trial April 2012

This is their second Hunter Trial both run early April 2012.   Apparently horse didn't slip at all, despite the rather horrible weather we have been having in the UK. 

Yes horse is still sound. But the original vet will never know because the owner reports that they refuse to come and see her unless she is shod.


Lisa said...

I thought that vets have a moral code where they need to keep developing their knowledge for the good of the animals they treat?

But healthy bare feet don't equal lotsa $$ for vets and farriers. >:@

What a close minded ignorant vet. The owner is better off without him/her!


amandap said...

Great team effort and success story.

I am astounded by the vet's attitude. The proverbial Ostrich (fallacy) comes to mind.

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