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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Navicular rehab at home...........

Is perfectly possible although perhaps harder if you are short on facilities. But so long as any pathology has not progressed too far* and you are sufficiently determined you may suprise yourself.

I quote extracts from a text received today:

The vet came today to look at [horse] so we could book another MRI..... He was impressed with his feet and said they look much better.... Vet said whatever we were doing it was clearly working!

This horse is out 24/7 in a less than ideal environment and is owned by someone who works full time. I've coached from the sidelines (and trimmed when needed) but the owner has done all the hard work herself.

*Some people sadly leave it far too late


Val said...

What kind of coaching did you offer?

Boots? Diet changes?

Lucy Priory said...

Hi Val - yes, diet change and boots with pads and groovy bed socks.

Encouraged owner to aim for comfy foot steps so that body and mind can heal as well as the hooves.

amandap said...

I love the approach of boy and mind healing along with hooves.
I do think the emotional/mental effect of constant discomfort is so often overlooked.

Lucy Priory said...

I agree - I find it interesting and often joyful to see their personalities blossom as the pain recedes.

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