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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Stanley - the first horse to officially join Movember to raise money

This is Stanley; barefoot of course, but more importantly a recruit for, and the first official horse to raise money for Movember. (Scroll to the bottom for photo of the Mo.)

Please support him in his efforts to beat the humans at their own game. Stanley's MOment of whiskery fame is to be found at, he's already been mentioned on the Queen Mary 2's breakfast tv show, and on his local radio station Wave 105!  

Stanley is a member of a team at the college where his owner works and is currently standing 2nd in the team ratings, but  of course we would  all love him to get to first place and maybe stay there.

When he is not concentrating on growing his Mo, Stanley can be found participating in a variety of horsey sports.  Or eating.  Every horse knows the importance of a healthy appetite when it comes to growing a healthy Mo. :-)

Stanley with his 'Mo'


Chelsea said...

Hi new to your blog but man I wish I had someone like to near me. How does one go about finding the right barefoot farrier? The few I have met all seemed to think making a horse's foot bleed was ok or just plain nuts...any help would be appreciated. I am in the US...

Wolfie said...

So cute! Best wishes to Stanley for a successful Movember.

RuckusButt said...

That stash is hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I have a new young horse - barefoot (yay!) and am hoping to keep him that way. It can be hard to know what to look for in a trimmer/farrier though!

Nate Edison said...

Barefoot Stanley! I love his color, looks like a cow hee hee. Anyway, what kind of horse training do you usually use for him?. I’m just curious.

horse saddles said...

It looks more like indian horse to me. Anyway love it.

Carolyn Moore said...

Love this horse, omg. <3
As a fellow horse lover I just have to ask, what do you think about horse joint supplements? Thoughts?

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