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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Dissection of chronic laminitic hoof

Lamellar wedge toe view.  Grooving, event lines,
quarter distortion

Yep, that is my kitchen

Heel view, note contraction, underrun heels,
 atrophy of digital cushion, peripheral loading

Sole view, not clear in photo but it was bulging.
Natural balance shoe, very little wear

You can see more of the state of the sole here.
 I've cut the toe off

This view shows the capsule distortion and my kitchen table...

No that wasn't me, the laminae really have gone mushy

The distal border of the pedal bone has disintegrated as 
you can see

Pedal bone is very damaged and is infected/rotting

A better view of the damage to pedal bone.
And my grubby kitchen floor.  I hasten to add I took my
gloves off  after the dissection so as to not get gloop on the camera

Another grim view of pedal bone


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