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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Bogeyman training

Madam takes a keen interest in everything, including having her photo taken. She learns really quickly and is very easy going which is just as well.

Today's exercise was meant to be a straightforward 5 mile walk on a simple, quiet, road circuit. We got past the various bright yellow tree cutting, ditch digging etc machines very well. And the chickens that exploded from the hedge.
But on the way home we were 'properly' attacked by a dog. We have spent a lot of time training the girls how to deal with the gobby 'all mouth no trousers' type and they are pretty good. But this one was seriously trying to sink its teeth into Madam's front legs. She was really good, she hopped up and down a bit trying to keep her legs out of the way and went backwards a little, but was really incredibly calm in the circumstances. And the dog just kept coming, in spite of the fact that it was risking getting squashed. I accidently dropped the Grey, who was brilliant, tucked herself out of the way and stood on command.
Eventually the owner dragged the dog away, I caught the Grey and we went on our way. But this was on a road, on a blind bend. How different if would have been if a) the girls had panicked b) a car had come round the corner. Unfortunately we know from experience about b) as this scenario is very similar to how the Grey got badly injured a few years ago.
We work hard to train the girls for all circumstances, I wish dog owners (and yes we have a dog) would do the same.

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