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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Friday, 13 March 2009

Spot the difference?

These pictures were taken 29 days apart. The frogs look fairly terrible, but I think in the second picture the deep central cleft is filling in and looking rather less grotty? I have been using an OTC Athlete's Foot spray for two weeks and as everything else has remained the same it is probably safe to assume that the spray has made all the difference.

When I bring the horse in at night, I scrub the foot thoroughly with plain water, dry it with paper towels and then spray. The can says to use twice daily, but once seems to be working okay.


Pat said...

Hi, I just happened over to your blog from another blog and I haven't given yours a proper review before posting a comment, but I just wanted to ask if you are trimming the hooves in this picture. And at the top of your blog you mention "Kent." Just wondering which Kent you're refering to. Have you created the Paddock Paradise? It can work even in soggy areas.


Sophie said...

Hi Pat

Welcome to my blog, which I see desperately needs updating. So much has happened lately.

Kent in the UK. I rent the field, but have set up a track system using electric tape. Can't put down hard materials/landscaping but am experimenting with the flooring in the field shelter. I'll do a post about that.

In the picture I was not doing the trimming. Personally I don't like how they are done or should say not done, so have just started to do them myself. I think they are starting to look better, they are certainly performing better. I will post pictures soon.

I have had FT barefoot trimmers come and do their feet with mixed results.

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