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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

One in a million

These two pictures are almost exactly four months apart. In the second picture the Grey is somewhat cleaner and a bit more muscled. But apart from that I think they look pretty similar. This is what I aim for in keeping her and it isn't always easy. This horse can drop weight almost overnight and while she can end up looking like a hat rack in a couple of weeks, it can take months to put the weight back on. That said in the summer she can get fairly porky.
She has taught me to feed by eye. Weighing rations is a good idea and I always know roughly how much she is eating by weight, but I don't stick rigidly to the scales when feeding her, it just wouldn't work. There are so many variables including what she has managed to forage in the field, the weather, the cows (they stress her out sometimes) and how many snacks she has managed to weedle out of passers by.
She is currently having just enough breakfast to sneak her supplements into. Breakfast is boiled linseed and about 200g of no sugar or mollasses alfalfa.
She is a long way from a top show or competition horse, but she is one in a million to me.


Andrea said...

She looks lovely :D

Sophie said...

Thank you, that is very sweet of you.

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