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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Breamore 33k

Friday we trailed Madam 5 hours to the New Forest. Her 'Mum' then tried to drown her in a bog - fortunately it wasn't very deep and both horse and rider emerged unscathed. The new Easy Gloves didn't look too healthy though. My fantastic parents spent half of Friday night effecting emergency repairs on the Gloves for the ride on Saturday.
The 33+km (21 miles) ride was over chalk downland (hills), with a fair bit of gravel and flint mixed in with some lovely grassy stretches. It was the gravel and flint that prompted the use of the Gloves because Madam lost concavity in the Spring. Fortunately there were no bogs and the Gloves performed well. Not perfectly though - as all four pasterns were slightly rubbed.
Madam received lots of compliments for her good behaviour and I think her 'Mum' was pleased. The horse passed the vet, made the time and after a bit of recovery time we then trailered her the five hours home. She is so good in the trailer, it makes life so much easier for us all.
Now can you guess, which is the photo after the ride? The other one was taken earlier in the week.

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