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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Monday, 1 June 2009

Footwear for all

We have fitted Madam with Easyboot Gloves all round. So far so good. Really easy to put on and they seem to fit very well. They have certainly turbo charged the girlie who is now showing 'Grey' type attributes and offering to trot and canter everywhere no matter what the surface. Slight downside is the screws holding the gaiters on are very short, so I think that over longer distances they may come loose. On the longer rides we are now packing a mini screwdriver as well as the first aid kit, wire cutters, map and munchies.

Without the Grey to fuss over I have a bit more time in the day, so Saturday I decorated a pair of plimsolls (how sad is that!). Now wondering how to get the same effect on the Easyboots.... Really wanted to get Renegades because of the fancy colours, but they are too big for Madam. So will be digging out some paint and hoping it works on rubber........... Or heaven forbid I could do some house keeping (not).

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