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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

And the moral of the story is

Don't glue your hoof boots and then fall asleep while holding the join together........

I'll let your imagination run on that one. :-)

But one reason I like the EasyCare Gloves so much is that they are relatively easy to mend. And if you insist (like idiot me) on fitting Gloves to a horse with hooves significantly wider than they are long, and who has an enormous stride then repairs are going to be needed. Regularly.

Grace my personal project has the worse metabolism I have ever encountered, basically she can not ingest anything more than 10% sugar/starch nor any 'foreign' chemicals. So boots are always on standby for footy episodes.

Despite the fitting problems I chose the Gloves because they are easy to whip on and off, the shell fits below the coronary band, they don't rub, they can cope with most of our adventures, availability is no problem, spares are easy to get and repairs are within the range of basic DIY skills.

But I so wish that EasyCare would produce the same in a range for the hoof which is wider than long. As Grace's hoof health improves the situation will only get worse not better. Mind you I am hoping that she then won't need boots at all. But still. EasyCare - hooves wider than long - Gloves to fit ASAP please :-)

In the meantime I am stocking up on glue, sewing materials and duck tape :-)

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Kerry said...

I think you read my mind! We're just tranisitioning two horses with wider than long feet and boots are proving to be an absolute nightmare! Interesting that you manage to get the gloves to work for you though...

We've managed to get one in Cavallos but the other also has one foot bigger than the other and falls between two sizes in Cavallos on that foot!

We've been told that the Easy lot are working on a wider than long glove but not sure we can wait/how long. Any advice on getting the current gloves to fit wider than long feet would be great!

Thanks for this blog... It's proving to be a fab resource for our first barefoot adventure!

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