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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Monday, 5 July 2010

Shoeing intervals

I have no doubt that some foot problems are caused by overly long shoeing/trimming intervals.

But I am not so sure that this can be the causal factor for all the foot problems I see in recently deshod hooves.

The foot above (not one I have worked on) is most likely to have had a fair amount of farrier attention judging by the nail holes and interesting shoe pad combo. It took a long time for the foot to get like that.

To be honest, I am wary of posting pictures like the ones above. But unfortunately I have met horses still living, attached to feet that are going in the same direction. So I post with the hope that maybe these pictures will serve as a timely warning and prevent such tragedy happening for someone and their horse.


Wolfie said...

I am actually uncertain at what I am looking at. Is that an actual shoe on that foot? If so, how would the horse walk? In fact, even if that isn't a shoe, how would the horse be able to walk with it's hoof angled that way?

Sophie said...

Hi Wolfie

Yes that is a shoe - of Egg Bar type with wedge pad.

I have added another photo to try and make it clearer.

Wolfie said...

Good grief, Sophie. I agree that this is a tragedy.

Di said...

OMG, what on earth is going on there??

Mrs Mom said...

Would you mind terribly if I did a post using these images (full credit to you, links to your blog etc of course.) Nothing derogatory- purely educational on my horse blog. Email me directly if you'd like at:

RuckusButt said...

These photos scare the crap out of me. I shudder to think what it took to get the hoof like that.

Mrs Mom said...

I put the images up tonight Sophie, and can't for the life of me find your email to me. Wanted to let you know they were up though! Post is simple- we're "playing" the "What Do You See" game. I'll talk more about the images in a day or two (honestly probably Monday,) and explain what it is that we're seeing.

Man, part of me would LOVE to see radiographs of this poor fellow.

Thank you once again for emailing with me, and for the permission to talk about these pictures on the blog!

White Horse Pilgrim said...

Horrible pictures - taken in Britain presumably. The first thing that I did with my horses after moving to the UK two years ago was to take them barefoot - simply to escape from the farriers' clutches. Half the horses in the barn have overgrown toes and collapsed heels.

Sophie said...

Actually these are pictures of US feet, vaguely Texas. Saw a lot looking much the same. All from Texas(ish).

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