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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Continuing professional development - AANHCP

One of the joys of belonging to the AANHCP is the wealth of experience within the ranks that I can call on any time.  And I mean anytime because there are members all round the world.  I doubt there is an equine foot problem that hasn't been encountered by an AANHCP member somewhere.  So when you use an AANHCP trimmer you know you are benefiting from that, not just the person under your horse.

Ok promo over!  :-)

I am just on my way back from 3 days of CPD in Denmark - a great experience and my whole hearted thanks to the people who facilitated it for me and made the whole trip a pleasure and so worthwhile.  And the horses for lending me their hooves.

Now all we need is a set of replacement arms and legs (for me) :-)

And for those of you that know me personally, I can assure you that the minor traffic incident was in no way anything to do with my driving.......  and a collision was avoided and I have still to find out where the horn is on a Danish car.  Or how to fill up with fuel, or drive on the right hand side of the road, or where the rear view mirror is.........

But the car is back safely and unscratched and I am now sitting in the airport hoping that EasyJet fails to live up to it's reputation.  Who knows we may actually leave the airport on time and without any hiccups!

But don't hold your breath :-)

Normal service will resume when I am back in the UK.

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