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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Friday, 10 September 2010

Transition - assessing visual changes

About 2 months later

Shod hoof - note heavily rasped outer wall.  You can see the paler inner hoof wall where the dark outer hoof wall has been rasped off.  Some hoof care practioners do this to try and shape the hoof to their ideal.

This has left the hoof weakened and vulnerable - you can see the seedy toe developing.  What you can't see is how much the hoof wall has been thinned (in terms of volume) which makes it crack and break up very easily.

There are multiple event lines and the healing angle can be clearly seen below the coronary band.
2 months later

When shod this was a slow growing hoof.  But if you compare the two photos above you can see just how quickly the hoof is growing now it is bare.  This hoof is still throwing out event lines, the cause of which will need to be investigated in due course.  The seedy toe is still in evidence.

The hoof is changing shape, quite dramatically, not just from this angle, but also (which can not be seen in these photos) the heel is widening and the toe is getting rounder.  I will post separately for to show this.

Side view 3rd week July

7 weeks later

The first side view picture matches up with the second front view photo.  (Apologies for the horrible angle.)  There is a deviation in the coronary band, which has dropped out by the second photo, this is not unusual and is something I am happy to see happen.  The event lines are easily seen, as is the high volume of growth.

This is still not a happy foot, but progress is being made and quite quickly.  It is just when you have a huge mountain to climb, even if you gallop along, it will still take a while.

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Anonymous said...

hi lucy - is there any update to this story? I have notcied some changes in Rory's feet at the coronary band which is making what i think is event lines visible to me now that the outer hoof wall has been left alone and some growth down possibly (though we'll see) is showing a healing angle at the top!! Would love to see how these feet progressed?

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