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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hind foot shape change

Just deshod Beg Sep 09

End Nov 10

Apologies for the different views. I just happened to grab the second picture on my phone this evening and thought it worth sharing.

I actually took it because just 20 days ago Grace lost a huge chunk of frog in a field accident.

Note how the same hoof has different shapes in each photo.

Sep 09 is sporting blood in the toe. The toe is oddly square - showing how shoes can change the natural shape of the hoof. And there is a big chunk missing from the quarter. The bars are overlaid, the sole completely flat and the heels are contracted.

Nov 10 - no blood and the toe is naturally rounded. There is natural concavity (grown not cut), the heel is no longer contracted. This hoof could benefit from working on rougher surfaces or a modest trim, the frog has been shredded by a field accident, but is otherwise very firm, solid and healthy.


Gingham said...

I just wanted to comment to say that I really appreciate your blog. I love getting to see so many pics of so many hooves and hear your take on them. I'm currently transitioning my mare to barefoot, and while her feet are GREAT and solid, they are starting to wear sort of funny. My barefoot trimmer doesn't seem concerned enough, but I don't love the extra 'crazed' response from my traditional farriers who want to hack out lots of foot and slap shoes back on.. any chance you'd be interested in seeing some pics?

Lucy Priory said...

Love to see your pictures

send them to

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