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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Update on Fred - 12 weeks post deshoeing

Right Fore Medial View - nail damage Oct 10


Left Hind Toe Oct 11

Left Hind Toe Jan 11

Left Hind Solar Oct 10

Left Hind Solar Jan 11

Fred was heading for 16hh thanks to his very tall feet and shoes. Now back down to somewhere nearer 15.2hh. No longer tripping and looking several years younger. Chronic thrush is slowing down his decontraction, but it is still happening.

Have a good look at the before and after photos and make your own mind up. I know which I would rather have.

Note: Previously shod by an award winning farrier; now barefoot trimmed according to AANHCP guidelines.


Wolfie said...

What a difference 12 weeks makes!

smazourek said...

What did he win the award for? Making ponies into horses?

Cinnypony said...

Wow! Huge differnce

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