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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Friday, 15 July 2011

Comparison between shod and unshod height

This hoof has just been deshod.  Although there has been a significant shortening of the whole hoof capsule, over time it will get shorter still - and all to the good.

Before and after deshoeing, same day, same hoof

There are two ways in the above photos of comparing the differences between the before and after shots. The horizontal amber lines give an overall comparison of the height of the hoof before and after. 

The pairs of coloured lines show more detail.  Each colour pair is the same length and angle in both the before and after shots.  So the red line which marks the toe length, by being the same length and angle shows the difference in the hoof toe before and after.  The green line shows the change in height of the heel. The blue line joins the red to the green, showing their relationship to each other is the same in each photo.

And where did the extra height on the shod horse come from?

Not just the shoe but a lot of untrimmed hoof wall too.

Hoof wall is longer in toe than heel, tipping foot backwards


Val said...

The last picture is very interesting. Loads of hoof wall to... eh-hem... load.

Sydney_bitless said...

Thanks! Please do more of these in your posts. I explain it and measure feet for all my clients and it's a very good learning tool when owners can see visual things like this.

Corinna said...

absolutely fascinating, thanks for taking the time to make all the lines and angles on the photos... I fully believe in "no hoof, no horse," but it can be difficult to know what kind of hoof is the most perfect for your horse and your discipline.

wonderful education- thanks! Corinna

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