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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Well where do I start?

Apologies for lack of posts! So much to blog about I don't know where to start.

Thought you might find these interesting. Older horse, started tripping, shod 7 weeks ago. Clenches not risen at all.
1 Frog not touching ground,
 foot clearly peripheral loading
2 Note inverted 'V' of back of foot/heel bulbs &
detrius under toe of shoe
3 Note height of foot and nail holes in
relation to ground
4 Note narrowness of heels, and tiny frog

5 Compare with 1
6 Inverted 'V' very noticeable, heel too tall and contracted
7 Compare with 3 note excessive height
8 Compare with 4

9 Post trim, compare with 1 and 5

10 Post trim, compare with 4 and
7, note nail holes, multiple event lines and
 change in angle
11 Post trim and short road walk
 compare with 4 and 8, note dip in toe

This horse has quite hard feet, not bad at all for such a long time shod. But they are quite contracted, the frog hasn't been in contact with the ground for ages and there appears to be some dietary issues.

There have been lameness and tripping issues. Some related to the feet, but others ? Whatever happens, this guy is going to be able to move more comfortably now he is not on stilettos. I am expecting him to have a few good and a few bad days though as he gets used to his new feet, as they decontract and while we figure out what regime is going to suit him, especially as he has many of the symptoms of Insulin Resistance.

His owner is considering setting up a track and we may fit boots in order to be able to step up his exercise a little more sharply than we would otherwise.


Lisa said...

Hey Lucy, I'm interested in whatsymtoms this horse has that leads you to IR?


Lucy Priory said...

Hi Lisa, check out - it lists symptoms of IR.

I always recommend vet referral if IR or otherwise suspected. In the case of Cushings, IR or laminitis worth joining the ECIR yahoo group too.

Sydney_bitless said...

Something I am interested in with barefoot trimming is the before and after toe lengths and hoof angles. Could you possibly show us some of those in a post like this one to show how much is taken from the toe/heels?

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