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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hoof reading

I'm giving you just one photo. Tell me what you see. There is a huge amount of background to this with more photos, but first I want your views. So if you want more photos of this case you need to work a little for it! :-)


Lisa said...

I see a big lamellar wedge - laminitis would be the obvious problem - is this the case?

Also I think I see a little squished frog back there. Hard to tell from this angle.

I definitely want more pics and back story on this one!

Kate said...

OK, here goes:

very poorly developed frog and heels
very stretched white line
very aggressive rasping of hoof wall in toe area and down sides, probably to remove flared wall from weakened laminae.

Lucy Priory said...

Lisa and Kate are definitely on the right trail.

Val said...

-Stretched white line especially at the toe which has been heavily rolled
-bruising visible through the hoof wall next to the holding hand
-a bulging sole (eek?!)
-heels and bars difficult to see but definitely diminished
-the frog appears to be missing (severe atrophy, I guess)
-coffin bone penetration looks dangerously close
-Hopefully the shortened toe and roll have allowed this horse to stand more on the back of his foot (Maybe the heels were lowered too. I see the remnants of shoe nail holes.)

smazourek said...

To me it looks like a founder that was previously poorly maintained. Good on the trimmer (you?) getting all that hoof wall off the ground. Doing any treatment for the inevitable fungal and bacterial infection?

Sydney said...

A very large laminar wedge at the toe, likely from laminitis or overgrowth and bad shoeing. The toe has been dubbed/rasped off back to the white line. The heels appear to be underrun/contracted (hard to tell from the angle there's an itty bitty frog back there. Theres bruising in the hoof wall along the quarters. The sole also is dropped.

amandap said...

I see a severely laminitic hoof.
Very stretched white line at quarters and toe, so most of the way round the hoof.

Ripples to top of hoof wall and redness in hoof wall.

Flat sole and buried frog. Possibly a very sick frog with atrophy and thrush but can't see clearly. I'm especially interested in this aspect.

I see a hoof relieved at the toe presumably to bring break over back and hoof wall heavily relieved matching separation.

sheena said...

I cheated a little and read the other comments first. The sole looks all thick and crumbly, with lots of false sole. The frog has atrophied and is contracted. Very stretched white line. Looks like the hoof wall has been rasped away and is thin. Lots of bruising evident. frog will have no pressure as it is below the sole line. Heels look as if they are long. Toe has been badly rasped. Sheena

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