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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sweet dreams - who said WBs can't go barefoot?

Wow! look at them go :-)

Tracks don't have to be over complicated

Someone (the local 'expert') confidently told me that warmbloods can't go barefoot. Fortunately these guys don't suffer ear mites.

Three warmbloods (only two shown) all barefoot, all confident over a variety of surfaces and having a blast now they can hack out without slipping. Their carer has been brilliant, an example to us all of how to do it. Lots of observation, an open mind and the horses' health always a priority.

And what a great track! Lucky lucky them, but for those without this blessing - these guys got good barefoot before they got the track. It can be done and you know what - I tend to find WB's make excellent barefooters. But just don't feed them 'junk' - it messes with their heads as well as their feet.

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Lisa said...

That makes me cranky... Here are my barefoot (and boots if needed) questions:
- Does the horse have hooves?
- Does the horse have a primary caregiver willing to give up the bandaid methods and actually do what is best for the horse?

Yes to both and you have a horse suitable for barefoot. No matter what discipline they work in, no matter what breed they are. It's the human that can or can't go barefoot, not the horse.

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