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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Happy tails............. 5 weeks barefoot diet and now comfy on stones

I am sure last night's phone caller won't mind me sharing the anonymised and paraphrased content of our conversation and some of the relevant background. Just to give everyone a bit of inspiration and some food for thought maybe.

Caller started the 'barefoot diet' just five weeks ago and to her complete joy (and much excitement) her horse can now manage a tricky concrete and stones track that he has always had trouble negotiating before he started the diet.

The background is this:- Met caller some five weeks ago.  Horse had been shod for some five years.  First shoeing was on vet recommendation because the horse had gone footy in the late spring/early summer.  (Yes I know what you are thinking!)

Owner not terribly chuffed as had been determined to keep horse barefoot, but was persuaded that this was the best and only option.  No mention of diet or low grade lamintis was made.

So five years on and some unfortunately damaged hooves and the horse is still not comfortable over stones.  Just five weeks on the 'barefoot diet' and he is transformed.

Go figure.

The good news is that now the owner knows what is needed and can manage her horse accordingly.  It only took five weeks to transform this horse, but it might take a little longer for the frustration of the 'wasted years' ( owners words not mine), to ebb away.

Big hugs to them both.

Oh and to misquote Dr Kellon, 'Halfway measures lead to halfway results."  This owner has followed instructions to the letter, including instituting an exercise programme to help manage the horse's weight.


Janine said...

So very cool! I purchased a fat haflinger, 6yrs, gelding. I didn't have a vet check, my fault. I found out fast this horse couldn't walk on rocks at all. I called my farrier and he made it worse! I told him my horse was worse and he said, put shoes on him! I knew that was wrong and I found a natural trimmer in my area. After the first trim my horse could already start tollerating rocks. By second trim he could walk across rocks! She also told me he was too fat! And he has to loose weight! Which I have also done. Where can I find more about diet to keep his feet happy?? Thanks for your blog!! Janine USA

~Endurance Granny said...

Very interested in the particulars of exactly what the "barefoot diet" is? I know forage, but with a performance horse is it forage plus fat?

Would sure appreciate your feedback.

Lucy Priory said...

Hi Endurance Granny - 'barefoot diet' is a handle adopted in the UK, but TBH slightly misleading, because it works for shoddies too :-)

Based on the emergency diet found here

I add a general purpose vit/min supplement.

If clients can afford it they get their hay/grass tested and we balance against that.

Anonymous said...
is an expired domain.

Lucy Priory said...

Oh [insert mild expletive] seems someone forgot to pay the domain bill... try for a direct link to the ECIR Yahoo group emergency diet page, but you will have to join the group to access it. I find this group requires some determination to navigate, but maybe that is because I eat too much sugar so have some irritability and lack of attention issues........

amandap said...
is an expired domain.

Tell me about it! lol I posted the link twice recently.

Encouraging news, keep up the good work those involved.

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