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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Thoroughbreds, barefoot, concrete and dressage

So pretty :-)

You've met this chap before see here - well his hooves at least.  He now happily hacks on concrete, no boots required.  (His old boots have been helping another horse to rehabilitate and will shortly be moving onto their third customer).

But just to show his brain is as good as his feet he has been strutting his stuff in dressage.  And to my mind he is looking just great. :-)

Big hugs to his people for doing such a good job :-)


Lisa said...

The very first horse that I transitioned to barefoot from shod successfully was my own OTTB. He had awesome feet! The problem is that they are continually shod from such a young age and they just don't get to develop the back of the foot properly and then the poor pleasure owner has to do the hard work! Barefoot is always better for the horse, it is just a question of issue owner is suitable for the lifestyle.

Lucy Priory said...

Hi Lisa - yes I quite agree TBs can have great feet :-) and most of the problems are man made

amandap said...

Fantastic! Great job all concerned.

jill said...

I have an awesome vet/chiro who helped me 10 years ago get my 19 year old horse sound. She told me she believes that horses have midlife hormonal changes just like people and foot soreness is usually the first sign something is amiss. That led her into the whole "IR horses show it first with mild foot soreness long before they show outward symptoms".
The other vets thought she was bonkers all those years ago. She developed a mag/chromium/vet E/selenium supplemnet and sold it to her clients. She figured if chromium was helping human patients manage sugar it would help horses. Thank goodness I believed her. The change in my horse was impressive. Now of course it's becoming more commonly known that a lot of feet issues are hormanal and/or dietary.
Glad I found your blog.

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