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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Friday, 25 May 2012

still waiting for AA

Tbe AA being the Automobile Association by the way :-) Car has a major flat. So big question of the day. Why would an HCP put a horse in Natural Balance on one fore and an eggbar on the other? The eggbar foot was a good inch plus taller than the NB foot and the frog nowhere near the ground. Medial lateral balance off by a finger's width. Horse moved terribly and couldn't turn corners properly as well as tripping. Shoes off, no trimming and horse already going better. Text today and he is ok. Second big question why put on wraps on a hoof in such a way that the foot is in one county and the rest of the leg another. Plus the frogs have rotted through where they've been covered up. And question for myself. Why do I not get tougher with owners? If a horse needs solar protection they need it and no excuses. Wish me well!

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Shirley said...

Speaking as a horse owner who relies on HCP to do the best possible for her horses,we tend to trust that these "trained professionals" know what they are doing. I think that all owners need to be more informed, and educated on the structure and function of all the parts of the hoof. I've just had a situation where my HCP wasn't doing the best possible, and as a result I intend to educate myself- and trim them myself if I have to.

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