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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Heavy horses can go barefoot and blossom

Just remembered a happy incident from the other day. Must have been 5th (?) trim of Big Black Boy (BBB) who is about aged 18 I think and on the large side.

Always been labelled as 'lazy' and was hard work to ride.

Well we took his Cytek shoes off, the carers worked hard to clear the thrush and managed his rehab/new work load carefully.

Now he happily hacks for an hour plus - nearly all on the road and his feet are beautiful.

But the real upside? He now walks out with such power that his carers report:
He makes our hips ache his stride is so long and powerful. And he no longer slips on the road. The trot - amazing!

Big as he is I wonder what this boy could have achieved if he'd been iron free all his life. Anyway - he is now and he is blossoming :-) makes my day. Once again great people work hard to get the best for their horse. Good on them.

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Wolfie said...

My friend just bought a 6 year old Clydesdale which she hopes to be riding this summer. In his driving career he wore D shoes, but she had them pulled as soon as she bought him. He's been through 3 trims now and his feet are starting to look really good. His step seems lighter and he carries himself higher. Lovely to watch.

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