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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Monday, 18 June 2012

Chunky Monkey defies the modern myths

Functional and pretty!

This foot is attached to one of those gentle giants that aren't supposed to be able to go barefoot - apparently they are too heavy for their feet etc etc I did mention him while waiting for the AA but I thought you'd like a picture and a bit more info.

Originally shod Cytek and to be honest, style of shoe aside, the shoeing job was definitely one of the better ones. Horse is tubby, LGL prone and probably IR.

The carers who look after him worked really hard to clear thrush, help him lose weight and make his rehab as comfortable as possible. And it really didn't take that long.

Now they are reaping the benefits:
  • 'Lazy kick-along' has transformed into dynamic powerhouse
  • Previously painfully slow walk is now so powerful it makes their hips hurt when they ride him
  • No more slipping on the road
  • Loves to trot
  • Cheaper feed bills
  • Happier horse
  • and last and least important - cheaper foot care bills

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