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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Say your prayers

for Nigel/la.
Slight departure but look who I found drowning in a bucket in the garden.

'Daddy' was calling from the shrubbery, so having checked for obvious wounds (there were none) I put her/him under a bush in relative saftey. There was a slight hitch in that she/he was reluctant to get off my hand.

Let's hope Nigel/la makes a full recovery and gets to adulthood with no more misadventures.


Dom said...

Lucky you found him/her when you did@!

Beth said...

Did the little one make it?

Lucy Priory said...

To be honest i don't know. I hope so, the garden is very shrubby with lots of hidey/nesting places and Dad was hanging around. I figured the parents could do a better job of raising her/him than I could esp as she/he was so close to fledging and I am away all the time.

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