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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

First trim post shoe removal from very tall/long foot

Shod six weeks previous

Shoe just removed

First trim

The owner of this horse has been incredibly brave and courageous in sticking up for the health of her horse, even though she was nervous of the unknown and had some local hostility.

These two factors alone are sufficient cause for many people not to try taking their horses shoes off. And when you look at this horse with shoes on; you can add fear of how the horse will adapt to a new shorter foot when his current feet are so long and distorted.

The answer as always is to facilitate nature, not force it. So when we took the shoe off we only removed what horn was ready to come. There was no cutting into 'live' tissue or any attempt to make the foot a predetermined shape. We just followed nature's guide. (In accordance with AANHCP principles.)

You will be pleased to know the horse walked away sound (and not tripping), over limestone chippings which are a tough surface, and disappeared into the night. The next day or so his owner contacted me to report that he has been seen hurtling round his field galloping and bucking which he has never done before. This is why in my 'Ouch' notes I mention the possiblity of the horse straining themselves post shoe removal. It is quite common for them to kick their heels up in joy :-)

There is a lot more to do for this foot, but we will have to give it time to heal. I'll be seeing them again soon and will post update pictures when I have them.


Janet said...

Even a completely-clueless-older- first-time horse owner can see the remarkable difference. It is nice to see his heels are returning to planet earth.

P.S. My footsore pony (after trimming) had an inflammed tendon after all. However, I learned alot from you and am much more vigilant. Thank you.

Janet xx

Lucy Priory (ably helped by Sophie) said...

Hi Janet - out of interest (there isn't a huge amount of data on this point) how much shorter was your pony's hoof after trimming?

And thank you - I am eternally grateful to the horses and their carers for their patience when I work with them and their generosity in letting me share the photos.

Fortunately they agree that we can all learn something (even when my pictures are rubbish!)

smazourek said...

Do you have sole shots of what the hoof looked liked right after shoe removal and then after the trim?

I'd be very interested in seeing the difference.

RuckusButt said...

I can just imagine how heart warming it must have been for the owner to watch that horse gallop around!

Amazing transformation!

Val said...

Too bad about the local hostility, which is no small thing to deal with.

I am glad that the horse is enjoying himself.

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