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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

'Houston - we have touch down.........'

Or bearing in mind the rain yesterday and the fact that Apollo 13 landed in the sea, perhaps that should be 'splash down'.

Remember Fred?  He of the staggeringly high heels that made Victoria Beckham look like an amateur in the stiletto stakes?

Fred has been out of shoes for 12 days.  He is being exercised and is sound, including over limestone chippings.  I have recommended a restricted regime to give him a chance to adjust to his new style feet and he will start a 'foot fitness' programme.  Fred no longer trips.

If you are not an experienced barefooter - don't worry he hasn't worn his feet down to the bone - they are gradually reaching the height and shape they should be.  It will be a while before they are fully restored to full foot health, but Fred is well on the way.  And he is certainly very happy and sound, which is what matters.

More photos over the next week or so.

Hind side view day with shoe day one

Hind side view 12 days post deshoeing

Hind heel with shoe day one

Hind heel 12 days post deshoeing


Wolfie said...

Wow. What a difference alread!

Chelsea said...

holy hell that is a scary looking shoeing job he had :O

Lucy Priory (ably helped by Sophie) said...

This is a fantastic horse. He had nails through his feet (ie inside the white line) and although you could tell he was in pain as they were pulled out he was really well behaved. We deshod him the slower way (cut off the clinches and used nail pullers) to try and minimise the pain.

A total doll he is the sort that 'wuffles' your hair and neck as you roll his front toes on the stand. (He certainly knows how to chat a gal up!) :-)

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