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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Sunday, 17 October 2010

What would you think?

Met a truly fab lady the other day who clearly loves her horse (we will call him Fred) and puts his needs first.  They are both just beginning the journey that so many of us have found ourselves on.  The scenario goes like this:

Fred  is constantly tripping, has had two abscesses in one year and maggots in one foot.  His carer has sought professional advice from more than one source, but Fred continues to trip.  Fred is shod every six weeks, seen by a vet when needed and has every care and attention lavished on him.

Because so many of us start the barefoot journey with similar scenarios I thought it might be useful to hand over the commentary to readers for this one.  So just based on the picture below; what would you think and what other views of the hoof would you like to see?

And on behalf of all readers and the horses that benefit - thank you to Carer and Fred for allowing us to use these photos.


Val said...

I am mystified that professionals would allow a foot to get to this point, but I know that it happens. I think we need a solar view, although I am admittedly hesitant to look. That poor guy's heels are in the middle of his foot! Thank goodness his owner is starting the barefoot journey. I am interested to see what barefoot can do for this horse.

Lucy Priory (ably helped by Sophie) said...

Spot on so far - the first star goes to Val. Solar view will be posted soonish.

But interested to hear more views. There is a lot going on with this foot.

Anonymous said...

Would like to see solar, and also foot from the front and back - and unshod as well. Also would like to see his full leg to see if there is something in his leg structure that is contributing to his problems.

Mrs Mom said...

Thats easy! I want to see this fine steed post shoe removal and trimming by you ;)

Anonymous said...

is there any updates to this? or pre-that any more info on what exactly is going on here..and then maybe where fred is now? :)

Anonymous said...

....found it. Found lots actually :)

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