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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Friday, 19 April 2013

18 days

RFS - Day One

RFS - Day 18
Compare white stripe in hoof wall with RFS Day One
LFS - Day One

LFS - Day 18
Compare lateral cartilage and heel bulb with
LFS Day One

We first met these hooves here. The horse is currently competent over tarmac, concrete and grass, somewhat footy over stones. Flight of forelimbs significantly improved post trim yesterday. (Improved breakover) Horse looked softer, more relaxed and behaved impeccably despite very windy conditions and rattling sheds. Exercise is designed to rehabilitate hoof and body and is focused on comfortable footsteps... lots of them.

If you have time to exercise your horse then rehab at home is very doable and you get to learn what will and what won't work for your horse. 

This horse lives at a conventional UK livery yard, no special facilicities, equipment and all the usual challenges.  And still we have significant change and improvement in a short space of time.

The owner is fabulous, and that is what makes the difference - the diet and exercise regimes are being followed through.  It's a team effort and the most important member of the team is the main carer/owner.

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Dom said...

Now that's better. I CRINGED at the Day One photos.

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