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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sometimes it hurts like hell, but it's worth it

Ok, to protect the innocent and cut a tangled history to size.

Older horse, been through the mill, current fix is heart bars in front, vet says nothing more can be done and if they don't work then call it a day.

I'm asked to peek over stable door - horse definitely not happy.  Owner not happy. So a date was fixed.  To pull the shoes that is.
Heartbar shoe in situ

Note filler on inside of right fore

Immediately post deshoe

I always ask owners and carers for updates and this is what I got today:

"Well like a 2 year old to lead and a greyhound when turned out! He's never been like this before think I might have shoes put back on! Only joking his stride length in front has lengthened a lot, his walking perfectly on road and on stones path, slightly footy when turning. His frogs look even better than yesterday it's absolutely amazing, I've even showed YM the pics!!"

Not bad for 3 days deshod.

And the pain? Well that's nearly all mine - my arms are killing me! :-)


Dom said...

Love this.

lisa said...

o lucy sorry for being so kack handed, but if its any consolation my arms ached too!

Lucy Priory said...

Nobodys fault but mine.

cheyenne jones said...


Rosie said...

Thanks Lucy for showing me this and your blog. Can't wait to get started!

Wolfie said...

Wonderful! Great success story.

Lorraine said...

I wish I could share this on FB, there is someone I would love to show, a real success story!!

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