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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Thoroughbreds can't go barefoot they have genetically bad feet ;-)

Early May 2011

Mid August 2011

Except time and again TB's are proving this common misconception just isn't true. 

This TB had 'typical TB hooves'. Just check out the bull nose in the May photo. By mid August same year the bull nose is halfway grown out. At this stage because the owner was otherwise occupied the horse was a pasture ornament, all that was changed was the diet (shoes had been removed shortly before May photo). If the horse had been exercising I'm pretty sure the bull nose would have grown out faster. The horse is now a competent barefooter, declared very sound by vets and turns his hoof to dressage, jumping and eventing.  Oh he hacks out on roads too...........


Dom said...

I have one right now that 'can't go barefoot'. Why? 'Because he's a tb!' He is currently growing out a brand new hoof. I am documenting the whole thing and can't wait to share the finished result :)

Anonymous said...

hi this the caretaker for the throughbreed Orion from the usa its been 20 months barefoot and has gone from junk feet to awsome my trainer thought Orion would be crippled the rest of his life !!!! Orion and i thank you for your blog that gave me the courage to go barefoot !!!!

Lucy Priory said...

Anonymous with Orion - that's fantastic! Well done you guys :-)

Chelsea said...

Could you do a blog post on what diet to suggest for your barefoot horses? I am unclear on what changes you are making and would love to know...thank you!

Lucy Priory said...

Dom - I'm looking forward to hearing about your TB. You going to blog?

Lucy Priory said...

We aim for high fibre, low sugar/starch combined - less than 10%
High quality minerals, balanced to forage if possible.
No molasses.
My girl gets unmolassed sugar beet, micronised linseed, custom minerals. Plus peculiar to her she gets extra veg oil - this is not suitable for IR horses but she is the reverse. For horses in rehab, those that have digestive upsets, antibiotics etc probiotics can be really useful. My girl has probiotics regardless as stress upsets her gut and as I am not always there I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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