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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Madam's left hind foot

This foot, belonging to Madam's left hind leg, did 7 hours over the weekend - probably about 16 plus miles, over a variety of terrain, including rather a lot of really horrible flints. In the three days it did another 10 miles, mostly on the road (a bit short of our 35 mile/week target but that is another post).
It is easy to see that it hasn't worn off, not even close. In fact I shall have to give it a roll this week as it has a bit of flare.
The frog rather resembles Madam's butt. Broad and quite fleshy! It is not a beautiful foot and its a long way from perfect. But it works and it works well and Madam is happy.
I'll take more pictures after I've rolled it and put them up as a separate post.


Andrea said...

What do you mean it's not a beautiful foot? It's gorgeous!

Sophie said...

Thank you - I know I'm picky! :-) You are right there is a lot to love, but its a bit flat and there is a bit of flare towards the heels which I find frustrating because we have been struggling with this for months.

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