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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Nutritional Nightmares

Both girls have the same DEET, ie Diet, Exercise, Environment and Trim regime. One has good concavity and the other has feet that resemble pancakes. Of course all hooves are a work in progress and it only takes one thing to fall out of whack and the feet to suffer the consequences.

I plan to improve the environment element this summer with the addition of some pea gravel outside their field shelter. At present they are on a semi track which is largely hard beaten clay with very little grass. They are currently exercised for about 10 hours a week. So it is time to tighten up on the nutrition, which is where the nightmares start.

Until today they have been having unmolassed Alfalfa, with cooked linseed, magnesium, seaweed, nettles, rosehips and garlic and free choice various Rockies. Now I have swopped the Alfalfa for Kwik Beet and the seaweed for Dodson and Horrell Surelimb.

When I get the next lot of hay delivered I will have it analysed. Dodson and Horrell offer an analysis service, currently priced at £7.50 for a basic sugar/protein and £47.50 for a wide variety of minerals. As I am concerned about the minerals the girls are receiving I'll try the latter service. As I buy at least 6 months worth of hay at a time it will be well worth it.

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