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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Frogtastic - what a difference a day (or 3) makes

It's hard to believe, but the first two photos were taken on the 21/05/09 and the second two were taken today, 24/05/09.
We discovered a pocket of thrush/fungal infection in one wing of Madam's right fore frog. It was progressing faster than the foot could grow it out, so we decided a little judicious trimming was required. We only took out the grotty rotten bits. You can see the hole left in the left hand photos. Well give nature a chance and she gets to work. Three days later and look how that frog has bounced back!
Because of our current situation Madam is being stabled rather a lot. So to protect the delicate regrowth from any urine etc that Madam might stand in we are coating the frog and sole in nappy cream before putting her to bed.

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