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Monday, 13 October 2008

I'm sorry I laughed

Madam's owner came to ride her on Friday. It was so satisfying to see Madam back in work after such a serious injury. We also took George out for his first view of the common. He is not ready for riding yet, so we led him in hand.

We got bold and took him to see a main road. He has never experienced traffic before, but he took to it like an old hand. Sure he was a little unsettled, but to be honest, on reflection I think he was more worried about the pain in his feet than the noise of the buses.

It was all going so well, we were having a great day, it was sunny and the horses' exercise had been successful, then disaster struck.

Princess has always come to call, and on more than one occasion her enthusiasm has been her undoing. This time as she came belting up the hill she slowed and went dead lame behind.

We scooted to the vets who after much head scratching tentatively diagnosed groin strain. I'm sorry but I couldn't help laughing. Princess is so named because if she could talk she'd have a plum in her mouth. And she is 15 - far too old and dignified for such an undignified injury.

Anyhow the vet wanted to prescribe box rest, but as we had locked horns several days earlier he knew it wasn't really an option. Besides which Princess has so many old injuries that if she stops moving she falls apart altogether. So we reached a sort of compromise which I am ashamed to say I didn't really stick to.

After a night in the nursery being hassled constantly by Madam, Princess went back out on the circuit. By Monday, in the vet's opinion she was back to over 85% sound. Which satisfied me because since being hit by a car she has never been 100% behind anyhow. I remain convinced that if we had box rested her she would have seized up completely and made a much slower recovery.

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