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Shoes mask weaknesses, barefoot highlights strengths

Monday, 27 October 2008

Remember the hay diet?

It just makes my girls fat. All the hay grown locally is from pasture originally intended for dairy cows. So the grass types are high in sugar and the hay tends to be cut when the sugar levels are peaking.

So I am going to have to start soaking the hay in order to leach out some of the sugar. It is messy and inconvenient, but if it staves off laminitis it is worth it.

The foot treatment seems to be going well, although it is too early to say if it is working. Princess is flinching less when I wash out her frogs. This is either because her feet feel better, or because she is getting used to it. If only they could talk.


dp said...

Are you able to get your hay tested? I will only go for 10% sugar or less (we're at 6% right now -- lovely!) but so few of the farmers around here get the tests done without a specific request. I always seem to end up buying "dry cow hay" -- what gets fed to the cows out of milking rotation.

Barefoothorse said...

I wish I could get the hay tested, but as we buy small batches it isn't really economical. Horses are only tolerated in my area, not welcomed so I try to tread lightly!

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