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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Rosehips, training and trust

Today was the first day of Madam's career as an Endurance horse. Just seven weeks ago she emerged from three months of box rest, fragile, frustrated and fat.

Today she slogged from Ditchling Beacon to Black Cap on the South Downs. Although only 3 miles on the map it was a tough ride for her, what with the unfamilar sights and sounds, the lazy wind and tricky surfaces.

At the end, before we trailered her home, we fed her handfuls of the plentiful rosehips to be found locally. My first Endurance horse taught me what a good restorative rose petals and hips are by gorging on them whenever she was tired.

To the best of our knowledge Madam has never been in this type of environment before and it is testimony to the trust that her owner has built up with her that this little horse was able to take it all in her stride.

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